Although there are stupendously few users on this wiki at the moment, I feel I should create a new rule regarding writing pitches.

What is a Writing Pitch?

A writing pitch is a submission of one's idea to an administrator or somebody qualified to approve an idea. Once their pitch is approved, the user can go ahead and create their page regarding their idea.

What a Pitch Should Contain

A well-written writing pitch should contain a description of the idea the user is trying to get across to the administrator or qualified "pitch-approver". The description doesn't have to be top-notch material, since it is assumed that it is in rough draft form and can be improved in the near future. If you are creating a new character, you must give the following:

  • Their name (of course)
  • Abilities/Weapons (if any)
  • Their alliance (Good, evil, neutral, or mixed)
  • A description of the character (Drawings are accepted!)

If you are creating a location, you are required to give the following details:

  • What the location actually is (This only applies if it is some sort of building or structure)
  • What the location looks like (Again, drawings are accepted!)
  • The inhabitants of the location (Optional, but it would improve quality)


Only new users will be required to write pitches, and after a certain amount of time writing pitches will no longer be necessary. This time will be determined by the quality of work already submitted by the user, the number of contributions they have made, and how often they contribute. The user will generally be trusted not to make any mundane articles after making a fair number of quality contributions. You will be notified by me or another administrator once you have met criteria to write freely. 

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